thoughts about the digital space.

We’ve heard it, and you’ve heard it. Print is out of date. But is it really? Today, a lot of traditional “print” is out of date, we read articles online the minute their posted, so by the time the newspaper arrives in your driveway it’s old news (which is why many newspapers are going out […]

You’re running a small business, and you’re doing okay/great/fabulous. Awesome! But you’ve heard you should invest in some PR to help take your business to the next level. Why? What can that do for you? And how do you go about getting PR in the first place? So, stop wasting your time, and learn what […]

Today kicks off Ridgewood week in beautiful Ridgewood, NJ! Crearé Marketing worked with the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce to create Posters, Postcards and Newspaper Advertisements to celebrate this week. We also are running some marketing specials FOR THIS WEEK ONLY! Take advantage of it! We’re offering 2 years of FREE website hosting for any new website design […]