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Have you recently tried to implement Zoc Doc scheduling on your website? If so, you may notice that the documentation out there is slim/non-exisitent. Here’s how to do an appointment scheduler form for your organization, AND customize the button AND stay on your website (don’t leave and go to Zoc Doc). You still will need […]

When you’re ready to start your website design project, there are 7 questions you should make sure you’re asking the website designers you’re “interviewing” for the job, so you can help ensure you’ll be happy with the end result. Here are the 7 questions we recommend asking to get a good idea about what you’ll […]

In a fast paced world where most of us have already updated our Facebook status, squeezed in a workout and grabbed a venti soy latte all before 7am, it is important when marketing a business, to figure out what the most effective form of communication is. You want to get your point across quickly, efficiently […]