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The Need

Gear the Globe is a non-profit that was started in January 2019 by Sam Cardella, a high school student (and one of my long-time client’s daughters). She is a lacrosse player and had an idea to collect used lacrosse equipment at different lacrosse tournaments throughout NJ and the east coast and then ship them to countries who are trying to develop their female lacrosse teams. Initially Gear the Globe contacted us to help them with their branding which included designing a wrap for the collection/shipping container they would be using as well as flyers, t-shirts and various other marketing materials. We worked with the wrap company to get the right colors printed (neon/lime green is not an easy color!), ensure that the placement of everything was appropriate based on the shape and contours of the container.  Then we rebuilt and modified the design of the GoDaddy website that Sam had initially set-up to ensure it looked more professional and was more search engine friendly for the news outlets that were reaching out to her.

Client Objectives

  • Create a website that fit with the branding of the other materials we previously created
  • Create a more professional looking website
  • Make sure the website was search engine friendly

The Solution

We created a simple WordPress website which Sam (or her team) could easily update with new News articles, information on where the Gear the Globe container can be found taking donations, as well as general information about the organization. 

The Result

We worked closely with Gear the Globe throughout the first 6 months of their launch to make sure that branding stayed consistent across all the different mediums on which it was used. We made sure that the non-profit looked professional, and was ready to grow as demand for it grew. Gear the Globe is hoping that with their efforts, expanding women’s lacrosse into new countries will also help prove it’s a game to add to the Olympic roster.

We can’t wait to see what Gear the Globe does throughout this season! 

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