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Mags DePetris Confessions Blog Design by Creare Web Solutions

The Need

Mags came to us after working with a different firm. They had taken down her old website and launched her new website, without her approval! It even still had dummy copy in it! (I just want to note this should never happen, but we have seen things like this before, unfortunately.)

Client Objectives

  • A website designed with Mags use in mind
  • Ability to easily add new blogs along with a podcast weekly
  • Promote her email sign-up to increase her list size and reach a larger audience
  • Build up her SEO work in order to reach a new audience

The Solution

We went to work to uncover her old website, have conversations with her in order to understand what she liked and didn’t like about both her old website and her new website. We also listened to her concerns on workflow, and what she was hoping to achieve. We then built a new website that took the best of both (+ a little spin of our own and what we thought she could use). 

The Result

A brand new website that met all of Mags’ needs: well designed and easy to use both for her, and for her TeamConfessions. 

Web Technologies

  • WordPress
  • Breakdance

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