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The Need

My Bethisms is a blog started in 2015. On it Beth shares views of her day-to-day happenings as well as thoughts about what is going on in general. She came to us to create both a brand and a blog to get herself “live” on the Internet.

Client Objectives

My Bethisms had several goals:

  • To launch a new brand & website by the time she was attending a conference
  • To make the website easy to update so she could do it herself
  • To make the website as simple as possible for readers to navigate & get updates

The Solution

We created a clean, 3 page website that provided information about Beth, and made it easy for her to add her blogs. We also added in a subscription ability, as well as a sign-up for her email newsletter, so readers could hear more from her.

The Result

For the last 2 years Beth has been sharing hilarious antidotes and thoughts about local and national happenings, and has continued to grow her fan base.

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