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The Need

The University of Arizona HealthCare Partnership (HCP) is a nationally accredited continuing education/certification program that researches, writes, and teaches evidence-based nicotine addiction interventions to point-of-care providers and health influencers. The program started in 1999 and since then has issued more than 22,000 Certifications in Nicotine Dependence Treatment. They came to us because they wanted a website that could aggregate all the content they have created, and explain all their courses. They also wanted to make it easy to find their online learning center and for people who earned certifications to get the materials they need in order to help others quit tobacco.

Client Objectives

  • Easily explain all their course offerings
  • Make their online learning center more visible and easier to access
  • Make it easy to order materials

The Solution

First, we worked with them to help them organize their content in a way that was easier to understand, and lead people through the process of what they need to do to complete their coursework and earn a certification. Then, we worked to design a website that brought together both the University of Arizona branding as well as a general Arizona look. We created graphics to help better explain their Accredited Courses so users had something visual to look at. 

The Result

An updated, modern website that makes it easier for The HealthCare Partnership Team to present their offerings as well as provide materials to help others teach programs about the importance of quitting tobacco. We continue to work with them to update content on their website as well as added the ability for them to take payments online for orders. 

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