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The Need

Women in Healthcare was formed to promote the professional development of females in the healthcare industry, to empower them, support growth and mentorship as well as support business through sharing successful techniques, leads, contacts, products and services. They incorporated as a non-profit in 2015 and have been growing chapters across the US yearly since then. When they came to us their website hadn’t been set up to grow with the organization as it added new chapters across the United States. Not only did they want an easier way to “launch” new chapters, but they wanted to make the process more streamline, and ensure some of the content was the same for each chapter website. They wanted to be able to create and host events on the website as well as vote for boards and manage everyday business. The website also needed to process membership applications and handle recurring payments for new members and sponsors.

They also wanted to create a back-end for their members to be able to communicate to one another (even if they were in different chapters) about industry news, jobs and information. And, we also had to build a platform where they could add sponsors for each chapter and information about them, as they help their chapters put on their events. 

Client Objectives

Women in Healthcare had the following goals for their website:

  • Make it easy to launch new chapters
  • Create a website that could take memberships for each chapter, and split the payments between the national organization and the chapter
  • Create a membership area where you could login and see all members of all chapters
  • Easily communicate with chapters, but have the ability to send emails to one chapter, multiple chapters, or the entire organization
  • Create and manage events on a chapter level
  • Create and manage ballots for voting on chapter board members
  • Manage sponsorships on a chapter level
  • Create a forum where members can communicate and contact one another, post jobs, etc.
  • Host online webinars and other events

The Solution

We designed and built a multi-site website for Women in Healthcare, where each chapter has their own website under the umbrella of the national name. When someone signs up to join their payment is automatically split between National and the chapter they joined. The member is enrolled in a subscription where her yearly dues are billed, she is added to the member database and has a login to be able to manage her information, and receive communications for the chapters she’d like to hear from. Her membership also allows her to register for events and conferences put on by Women in Healthcare.

Because they are a non-profit and have budget constraints we decided to do the work in different stages, to help spread the financial burden as well as the time commitment (since everyone on the board is volunteer). The first stage of the website launched in 2018, a National podcast/educational seminar area will be launching in Fall 2019, and the forum will be launching in Winter 2019/2020.  We also continue to roll out new chapter websites as they meet their membership requirements.

The Result

We created a multi-site solution to handle the complexities of this non-profit organization that is quickly growing into a nationally recognized non-profit. Since the launch of the website in 2018 we have continued to work with the Women in Healthcare Team to monitor and manage their web presence, create and manage events and provide email marketing. We are also excited that this website won a GDUSA 2019 Award for website design. This helps illustrate that good design can help the website usability from both the public-facing side as well as the administration dashboard.

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