Today we wanted to touch upon one of the most important factors of running a business – TRUST. 

Why is it so important? Because it is earned. It’s not a given. 

Remember when you had to earn your parent’s trust as a kid?

That’s what it’s like running your own business, instead of earning your parent’s trust, you need to earn your client’s trust. 

Building Trust

You have to earn your partner’s trust. Here we are, one day shy of 10 years ago, taking our forever vows.

How do you earn trust? 

It starts with honesty. It’s being truthful about the time it takes you to get a project done. It’s about being relatable, so they know where you’re coming from, and it’s about being knowledgeable and teaching them about your expertise.

Every day there are a variety of people you need to trust, from your children’s teachers to contractors, co-workers to friends, the list goes on. What is it that helps you trust them? What is it that helps you trust us? 

Here are 4 things that I think help: 

  1. Communication. Clear communication is key. Even if it means saying something that someone might not want to hear.
  2. Listening. Really truly finding out more about who your customer is and what they want, and then providing solutions that help them solve what they’re trying to achieve.
  3. Compassion. Showing that you really care about their business, and the results they are going to get. Helping them understand what you can provide and what that will do for their business. 
  4. Education. Teach your clients more about what you do, and why you do it. Help them to understand why you got to where you are today, and what makes you passionate about what you do. 

You’re thinking about hiring us to create a website that tells your business story and helps your clients earn their trust in you. So you definitely need to trust the team you hire to convey that message to them. 

Do the blogs on our site help you get to know who we are? Did you read our about page and get a feel for the people we are? 

The best, and most likely fastest way to build trust in someone is to hear it from an outside source. Have you read some of our case studies and seen what our past clients have said about working with us? Do you want to talk to some of our past clients about what it’s like to work with us? 

We want you to have confidence that we will build you a website that works for you. How are we doing?