I often hear people say “Sales & Marketing” are the same. I have to disagree with that statement, for a couple reason’s I’ve listed below. To start off I can tell you that in college, I loved my marketing classes, I thought they were so interesting and enjoyed doing the work for them. My sales classes on the other hand I dreaded going to and hated everything about them. So why is that? Well here is what I think explain some of the differences (and why some people often confuse the two) of sales & marketing:

Marketing is the First Step

Marketing helps support sales. Marketing is the first step you take when building your company. It’s why it’s called a “Marketing Plan” and not a “Sales Plan.” Marketing looks into all aspects of the product or service you want to sell. As you build a Marketing plan you ask yourself questions: Who would want to buy this product? How do I reach that audience? Who/What is my competition? What price point is fair? Remember the 4Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)? That’s what you need to think about first. Answering these questions will provide the basic structure you will need to bring your product to market. You need to keep in mind that in the ever-changing digital world this plan is not written in stone, and will need to be updated and adapted once you’ve launched your product/service.

The 4Ps of Marketing- The Marketing Mix

It’s Not Just a Marketing Plan

Building a Marketing Plan isn’t the only Marketing you’ll need to do. Once you have that plan laid out, you’ll have to start acting on it. From Your Website to your Brochure, from your Email Campaigns to your Facebook page, you’ll have to promote your product to your audience. You need to give them the information they want to hear (the information you identified in your marketing plan). You’ll need to talk to them in their own language, in the places that they are.

Good Marketing makes Sales Easy

So now you have a fabulous website, email campaigns, a Facebook fan page, a printed brochure and business cards, all with your branding. They become your sales material. You now take all those marketing pieces and train your sales team on your product/service. They become educated on what you offer, the value you provide, and they take this, and go out to the world “selling” your product/service. They “spin” those Marketing words into their own words, work in their style to sell your product. Sales men and women are good at reading their clients and adjusting the message specifically to them, explaining where they would benefit from the product and why it’s better than the competition.

Why You Need Both Sales & Marketing

The title of this article was originally going to be Sales vs. Marketing, but in the end, they really go hand-in-hand, they aren’t vs. they are AND, so I updated the title. The better and more complete your marketing is, the easier a time your sales people will have selling your product. In the end, the goal of both Sales & Marketing is to sell your product/service, but it all needs to start with the marketing.

So, take a look at what you’re doing. Is your marketing the core message of your business? Did you lay out the 4Ps in a Marketing Plan and train your sales team on the marketing message? Is your brand always represented the same way? These are questions to ask yourself. And if you aren’t sure, or need help getting on the right track – contact us. We’ll help you make sure you have a unified brand, and a marketing plan that aligns your whole organization (whether it is 2 or 100 of you) to getting the sale.