why wordpress?

You’re starting a new business and those Wix commercials are so tempting they make it look so easy to build your own website. You just purchased your domain on GoDaddy and you can just build your website right there, have it all in one place.

We’ve had clients start there, and they haven’t liked where they ended up so they came to us. As website designers each program, whether it is Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy or any other offering out there, is different. If we had to learn each program we wouldn’t be experts in one. So, why did we decide to put all our “eggs” in the Wordpress “basket” you might wonder? It’s pretty simple:

  1. As of March 2018 Wordpress powers 30% of all websites on the Internet, and is the most popular CMS out there.
  2. Wordpress has GREAT scalability. You can start with a simple one-page website, and depending on your needs, easily add-on shopping cart capabilities or a blog in the future.
  3. You can make/build customizations without running into roadblocks. It’s open source code, which means you pretty much can build whatever you want on it.
  4. Since so many people are using it, there are thousands of plugins and extensions already built to integrate with whatever you are doing to make your website work for you.
  5. Wordpress provides you with the ability to easily have a site that works for you, without you feeling like everytime you want to do something additional it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars more. Yes, sometimes an extension costs something, but fees are typically minimal for what you get.

For these reasons, we decided to focus our time & energy on Wordpress. I can design pretty much anything, and Nic can build it on Wordpress. We’ve had clients start with a small “brochure” website and build it into a website where customers can pay bills online. We’ve built simple blogs and large e-commerce sites. You name it, we’ve seen it, and we’ve built it.

That’s why so many businesses have trusted us with their website needs. Our clients aren’t just our clients, they’re our business partners, and friends. We’ve built relationships with them where they know they can turn to us for any questions they have and many times they do. I’ve joked before that Nic’s cell phone is the technology hotline because of the many email questions and tech questions he’s answered for our clients.

The biggest thing to understand is that we are here to recommend you what we feel is best for your business, based on our industry experience. When it comes down to it, our recommendation is always to start with Wordpress, and we’ve built our business on that belief.

So, whether you need a simple website or a fully-customized extensive website, we can build it on Wordpress.

Let us help you create the online presence your business should have.

We love doing it, that’s why we do it. Give us a call today: 201-345-4556.