It’s finally time to update your website. But, you’re not really sure where to start. I’ve put together a list of the 3 things you should do to prepare for your new website. Once you do these 3 things you should be ready to talk to any web design/development company and have everything they will need to quote you on a new website. 

Prepare for your web design project, gather information any web company will need.

3 Things to Do to Prepare for Your New Website:

  1. Review Your Current Website.
    Do you have updates to the content on your website? Will the pages on your website be the same? Write out your site map on a Google Document. Copy and paste your current website content into that document, putting it under the page heading you now want it to appear on. Do you want any forms, are you selling anything, do you need to hook into a CMS or email program? Be sure to note any special features like this in the document.
  2. Gather Your Photography.
    Do you have all the images you want to use for your website? Put them all in a folder so you can easily share them with your website team. Look at Unsplash and see if there are any images there that will work for your website. Download them and include them in the folder as well. 
  3. Get Together Your Passwords.
    Put together a document that has your Registrar Information (where your domain name was purchased), your current Hosting Information (where your website lives), your Google Business  Information (Analytics, Adwords, Search Console etc.), and  your current Wordpress login. You may not have all of these things, but any of the ones you do have, include. 

Getting together the 3 items above will be sure to have you on your way. Want to be even more prepared? Put together a list of websites you like the design of to share with your website team.

Now You’re Ready to Get Started

Now you have everything you need to get an accurate quote for your new website. Want us to quote you? Fill out this form and we can put together a custom quote for your new website.