Happy Holidays

“Happy Holidays.” What does that phrase even mean? It seems like such a cop-out. Why can’t we say Merry Christmas? Happy Hanukkah? As a Catholic I would never be offended if someone said Happy Hanukkah to me. That is their holiday, and what they celebrate, it’s part of their identity. And, if I said Merry Christmas to them, I’d hope they think the same thing.

I have friends that are Jewish, I even have family that is Jewish. I enjoy learning about their heritage, and celebrating their holidays, and I’ve found many of them enjoy learning about our holidays, and celebrating them with us as well. So, where did “Happy Holidays” come from? Who are we protecting? Who are we trying not to offend?

As we celebrate another “holiday” season and are stressed with gift buying, year-end business, getting ready for new business in 2016, let’s not forget what our holidays are celebrated for. They aren’t celebrated for gifts. They’re celebrated for love and sacrifice. They’re celebrated to remember events from the past, so we can have strength and meaning in our own everyday life.

Here are 2 little boys I’m excited to celebrate Christmas with this year!