I had an epiphany the other day. I can’t explain why it came to me now, as it is something that has been clear since I started working, but for whatever reason it did.

The leadership at a company will make or break the company’s success.

I worked at a company where the CEO had to approve EVERYTHING that went on in the company. And, this company wasn’t a small business, it was a worldwide company with thousands of employees.

But, they didn’t even have a global website because he got in the way. Whenever you took 1 step forward, he ended up making you take 2 steps backwards.

He meant well, but he wasn’t leading the company, he was controlling it.

What Can you do to Be a Better Leader?

Have you ever worked for someone who did that? Have you ever done that? How can you change?

I worked at another company where the CEO had a great vision, but the VPs he hired to carry out that vision didn’t understand it, and kept getting in the way of it.

Talk about having a workplace full of unhappy and unsettled workers!

Leadership isn't Given, it's Earned. Group of People at the top of a mountain at sunset

Leadership isn’t given, it’s earned.

People are natural leaders, or they aren’t.

You can’t make people follow you, people have to want to follow you.

I think you can learn to be a leader, and I think it is important that you do, so that you have people under you who enjoy working for you. Who want to put in that extra effort to get the job done.

That means that as a leader you recognize those that have put in that extra effort, you reward those that have gone above and beyond to make your company what is.

So, if you want to keep employee moral high and turnover low, if you want to keep your customers happy, make sure you’re leading them.

Make sure they want to follow you, that they see your vision, and that all those under you are working towards the same goals. If your employees are happy, they’ll do great work, and if they do great work, your customers will be happy, and if your customers are happy, you’ll have a successful business, and that, should make you happy.

What can you change to be a better leader? Let me know in the comments below.