Welcome to February, can you believe we’re already a month into 2016?
Neither can we!

So far 2016 has proven to be a busy year for us. We’ve already launched 3 new websites, and begun the design work for numerous others – including our own! Now, we just need to find the time to finish it up, and launch it!

We’ve also been working on something many of you have been working on as well, our 2015 taxes. As a small business owner, this time of year can be confusing, making sure you’ve crossed all your ts and dotted your is. We came across some interesting information from some tax accountants, that we thought we’d share with you, as it could help you prepare your 2015 taxes.

It should help you understand 3 key areas:

  • Charitable Donations
  • Using a Vehicle for Business
  • Saving for Retirement

It also provides information on healthcare expenses, and other questions many small businesses have when they start gathering information together for their taxes.

Tax Details Accountants Wish Your Business Knew:

Tax Tips


We hope it helps provide you with some helpful information as you prepare your 2015 taxes. Have anything else you’d like to add to it? Let us know below.