This is a great question! As a Wordpress agency we’ve gotten this many times. Yes, there are some good reasons why we don’t build websites on Wix or Squarespace. 

Here are our top 3 Reasons your website should be built on Wordpress. 

  1. Full Customization. When a website is built on Wordpress you’re not stuck using a set template to build your website. We start with a basic code base and then design your website to look like anything you want it to. This is why the majority of the websites on the Internet use Wordpress. Look through our portfolio. Do you see websites that all look the same? Nope. That’s why. 
  2. No Extra Code. Using Wordpress allows us to keep the code slim. This means there aren’t extra styles, or javascript, that you don’t need, slowing down your website page load speed. We make sure that it is clean and you only have what you need. 
  3. Great for SEO. Because of #2 the clean code is the best for SEO. It makes it easy for Search Engines to read through your website and understand what you do. Then, it knows when to show your website as a search result. Additionally, this is especially important when you are selling things, or when you are looking for new leads/business from your website. 
Why use Wordpress and not Wix or Squarespace

Still not sold on why we use Wordpress?

Read our blog on why page builders drive us crazy. Then, check out the one we wrote Pros and Cons of Template vs Custom website. Really doing research? After you read that last blog, read this blog that we wrote about Wordpress back in 2019

And, when doing this research (like any research really) you should check out other websites to truly understand why Wordpress is as awesome as we think. For instance, here’s a great article to get you started (and to not just take our word for it). 

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