At Creare we know the ins and outs of website design and development. In today’s digital age, your website is your online storefront, and like any physical store, it needs an update every now and then to stay relevant, engaging, and competitive. In this blog series, we’ll explore the crucial reasons why it’s important to redesign or refresh your website every 3-5 years.

Our first blog in this series is going to focus on the Technological Reasons of why you should  be planning to update your website every 3-5 years. 

Update Your Website: Technology

Here are 3 Technology-centric reasons why you need to update the code base of your website on an ongoing basis: 

1. Stay Ahead of the Digital Curve

  • Web design trends change rapidly, and staying current is vital to ensure your site doesn’t appear outdated.
  • Redesigning allows you to improve user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate and find what they need. Sometimes as web design trends change, the way visitors interact changes, and you need to make sure you keep up.
  • With the increasing use of mobile devices, a responsive design ensures your site looks and works well on all screen sizes.
  • Web browsers continually update, and a redesign ensures your site functions seamlessly on all of them.
  • Providing a consistent user experience across browsers (and devices) helps prevent user frustration.

2. Improve Website Performance

  • Modern websites are optimized for speed, reducing bounce rates and improving user satisfaction, which improves overall website performance.
  • Enhanced Security includes making regular updates and new security measures to help protect your site and user data from cyber threats.
  • Search engines favor fresh, fast, and secure websites, contributing to higher search rankings and improved search results. 

3. Optimize for Emerging Technologies

  • Redesigning your website allows you to incorporate new features and technologies that enhance user experience.
  • By staying ahead of technology trends, you can ensure your site remains relevant and effective in the long term.

You can see that there are overlaps in these technology updates, integrating emerging technologies helps you stay ahead of the digital curve and in turn see improved website performance. 

Check back in next week where we’ll focus on the content updates you need to think about when it’s time to do a website refresh.