Welcome back to Part 2 of Why you need a website Refresh every 3-5 years. Hopefully last week’s blog which focused on technology changes that you need to think about was helpful. This week we’re focusing on why it’s important to update website content and what you need to think about when tackling it. 

update website content every 3-5 years to ensure your website stays relevant and reaches the right audience

1. Adapt to Changing Business Goals

  • A redesigned website can showcase new product or service offerings and align with your evolving business strategies.
  • Have you rebranded since your website launched? If you have, your website should reflect your new identity, maintaining brand consistency.
  • As your target audience evolves and shifts, your website should adapt to meet their changing needs and preferences.

2. Boost User Engagement and Conversion Rates

  • Fresh content keeps visitors engaged and informed. This means that you shouldn’t just wait a couple years to update your content, it means you should be constantly updating your content, writing new blogs, tweaking descriptions, etc. But, knowing at least every 3-5 years you will mark time to review your website as a whole and update anything you’ve missed is something you should plan on. 
  • Clear and compelling Call-To-Actions can drive higher conversion rates, turning visitors into customers. At a minimum you should be looking at these every 3-5 years and adjusting to make sure you’re talking to the right audience, and gaining the right leads.
  • Website redesign offers opportunities to optimize the user journey and enhance conversion funnels so your conversion rates improve. Perhaps you notice a certain product or service sells better than others, so you place it more prominently, or update the wording.

3. Enhance User Trust and Credibility

  • A visually appealing website with modern aesthetics builds trust and credibility, showing that you’re invested in your online presence.
  • Trust Signals, trust badges, testimonials, and case studies should all be incorporated into your redesign to further boost user confidence and signal that you are trustworthy. 
  • Highlighting your social media presence and interactions can also reinforce your brand’s credibility. Perhaps you used to just have an icon, and now you want to present your whole feed. Or perhaps you’ve stopped using a social platform and moved to another more relevant one. You want to look at that, look at your marketing plan and make sure everything aligns.

Updating website content across your website may be as simple as a few words and some shifts in placement of calls-to-action. Or it may be more in depth and help provide a clear focus for a targeted audience that you want to capture. 

The important thing is to set aside the time to update your website content, and plan on doing it. That way, no matter when someone finds your website, the content isn’t that out of date!

Don’t forget to check-in next week for our last part of this series where we’ll talk about staying competitive and relevant in the ever changing web world.