This year I decided I wanted new branding for Creare. It was feeling a bit outdated to me, and I wanted to get more of a natural feel from it than I was getting. 

Starting to Make a Change

First, I went to and typed in Creare. I started playing with the filters, and going through the different fonts. I narrowed them down and then downloaded them to my computer. 

Next, I opened up Adobe Illustrator and started playing with layouts. I knew I liked the sans serif font I’d been using since 2017 (Lato) and I wanted to keep that for “web solutions.” So, I played around until I came up with a font I liked that went well with it. 

Then, I started playing with color palettes. Lots of them. Nothing like what I had, to slightly different versions of the colors I’d been using. I tend to like green, and am drawn to it, but when I was working through the palettes the green just wasn’t working. 

The Creare Web Solutions 2023 Logo and Branding Package

Finding The Right Color Palette

Finally, I landed on a gray-green as the main color with an accent of a red/orange (similar to what I’ve always had) and a dark blue/green (similar to what I used originally, although I came to this without realizing that at first!). I felt like together these colors were strong, while still invoking the feeling I wanted to the logo to have. 

I like the combination of the Red/Orange as the colors together signify importance, command attention and evoke an energy, all of which I want my brand to do. Combining it with a Dark Blue/Green signifies professionalism and trustworthiness as well as stability, growth and of course nature. Rounding it out is the Gray/Green which is both classic and neutral. 

Not The First Branding Update

This wasn’t the first time I felt like the brand needed a facelift. Back in August of 2017 I revamped the Creare brand when I realized I wanted less clients focused just on “Marketing” and more focused on the entire web picture or “Web Solutions” which is what we were providing. At that point I changed the name from Creare Marketing to Creare Web Solutions. I also dropped the Serif font and used a Sans Serif, but kept the script. This time, I’m not changing the name, but I realized we often call ourselves just Creare, so why not use that alone? However, I felt the script just looked a bit outdated, and really liked the look of the chunkier serif font.

Creare Marketing / Creare Web Solutions Branding Evolution, from 2012 to 2023

I’d love to hear more about what you think of the evolution of the brand, and if you like the new branding package I’ve put together (above). Or, if you think your brand may need a facelift, reach out! It’s fun to evolve a brand, it shows you’re always thinking and always creating!