Nic Scott, Creare Marketing MakerThe last month has been hectic, it’s involved signing on new clients, meeting deadlines, lots and lots of client meetings, and a lot of reflecting and crunching numbers. In 1 year since starting Creare Marketing, I’ve watched my dream come to fruition. I am continually signing on new clients,  networking around Ridgewood, and building a company faster than I could have ever imagined. All this has helped lead us to take “the plunge” (back in college that was something totally different). Today, that plunge means growing the Creare team and services we offer!

So please, join me in welcoming our newest team member, who also happens to be none other than my husband, Nic!

When we made the decision to have him come on full time, and when he gave his notice at his last job, we heard many comments including, “I could never work with my spouse” or “Let’s see how long THAT lasts!” But, we know it is the right thing for us, we’re in it together, 100% all the time. What small business wouldn’t want a 2 person team on 24/7 365? And Nic brings a lot of additional talent to the table, like we can now offer Photography & Videography services for our clients- something that I always recommend for clients, but now they can find it all in one place!

Yesterday was his first “full day” in the office, you’ll have to ask him if his new boss was too hard on him, I think he’ll just tell you she rambled on at her first meeting because she wasn’t very organized (but believe me, I’m working on that thanks to Asana!!)

Shoot him an email at, and keep an eye out on our site for updates about our additional services. We can’t wait to help you achieve greatness!